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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another reason to have leftover pastry dough

A while ago I posted how my mother used pastry scraps to make pie crust cookies.  My childhood memories of Mom making pie center on enjoying those pastry morsels.  My husband also remembers his mother making pie, and her use of the extra dough.  Now, if he sees the scraps first he makes these "railroad tunnels" that his mother made for him.  I love seeing him wield a rolling pin, and these are delicious (if he decides to share!)

All you do to make these is roll out the leftover pie dough into a rectangle, spread with softened butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.  Then cut into strips and roll up cinnamon roll style.  These usually bake in the oven along with a pie - they aren't too picky about exact time and temperature - just make sure you watch them because there's not much sadder than burning something that should be this yummy.  My dear husband doesn't mind eating these raw though :)


Material Mary said...

Tasty pastry--that's what that is.

Karenpie said...

Hi Alissa! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments! You are definitely the pie queen! I love to make pies too and learned from my mom. I clearly remember the pie crust cookies she'd make with the scraps and now I do the same for my kids. They'd go nuts over the railroad tunnels! Thanks for sharing.