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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is my annual week of romance - my wedding anniversary is on the 9th, followed closely by Valentine's day. My dear husband took me to the big city for a couple of days to celebrate.  We had no agenda, and enjoyed just being away from our jobs and normal responsibilities.  We also did some shopping, which is pretty rare for us.  OK - maybe I shouldn't say "we" went shopping because it mostly consisted of him reading in the car while I enjoyed exploring a few quilt/fabric shops.  I couldn't resist buying a few fat quarters at each shop.  Right now I have no idea how I'll eventually use those fabrics but I sure do love having them!  Yesterday I made a Valentine dish towel using a couple of the fabrics I picked up.  It looks really cute hanging in my kitchen.  We also went to a shopping mall and browsed a bit after dinner there, and I especially liked checking out Williams Sonoma - what a fun store.  It made me want to acquire a few pretty pie pans but I had to face the reality that I would have nowhere to store them.  But I did find a cool mold to make "pocket pies" and bought a heart shaped mold.  Today I used it to make heart-shaped cherry pies for my family.  Everybody seemed to like them.  It's been a long time since I had any kind of new pie gadget, I think we'll like this one!  Check out the dishtowel and little pies I made this weekend.


Material Mary said...

The pies are darling as is the dishtowel--so full of love for that special day...

cara lou said...

Sounds like so much fun!! And those little heart pies and the dishtowel are adorable!