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Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring, where art thou?

Once February ends, there is hope in the air. Spring will arrive soon, the worst of the winter is over, if it snows it won't last....I've heard or made each of those statements during the past week. We had days warm enough to wear jackets instead of full fledged coats. Friend raked part of the yard on Saturday. But the hope of spring ended today. *sigh*

We woke up to several inches of snow, and it just kept on coming.

At 8:30 I went out and started shoveling - at that point the snow was at a little over a foot and still falling. At 9:30 I had the driveway cleared enough to get out and drive Alexa to school. Then I went in the basement and made a purse.

When I emerged at 3:00 the snow was at around TWO FEET....and STILL FALLING! What the heck?

This is wrong, wrong, wrong. Thank goodness Alexa has brownies baking now.


Material Mary said...

Mother Nature is just smiling down upon us with her great sense of humor. Have a great day.

cara lou said...

That is a lot of snow.