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Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh no!

It's official. I am addicted to technology. I flew to Dallas today, after a scary trip in the snow of the canyon and a nice visit with my seatmate from Oakland - and the first thing I did was hook up my computer to the internet. The next thing was to start texting a few people. I am depending on these two bits of technology to get me through the week I'll be away from home. Everything's going great with the computer (obviously) as it's helping me pass some time before my first meeting tonight. But the phone...ah, the phone...that's another story.

I depend on my phone to wake me with it's alarm, remind me of appointments, store phone numbers, tell me what time it is, and communicate through text and calls - and when I got here with a low battery (thanks Alexa!) my charger wouldn't work! So my phone is off now. It has almost no juice left. I'll have to do the good old fashioned "wake up call" in the morning and I won't know what time it is all day. I hope I won't miss my flight home! I won't be able to communicate instantly with my kids or co-workers. How will I survive? How?


cara lou said...

Uh oh. I'd probably shrivle up and die without my phone.

Can you try to find a new charger somewhere? Did you try different outlets to see if that was the problem? That's weird that the charger would just stop working!

Glad you at least have your laptop. :)

AuroraLeigh said...

I'm severely addicted to my phone as well - I feel like I'm shut up in a box of complete isolation without it. It's rather sad.

When I worked in the SLC airport, I noticed that in some of the eating/sit down areas they had fancy vending machines that had all sorts of little connectors for every phone/make/model. I don't remember if it was free or if you had to pay, but essentially you could sit there for a while and charge your phone.

Pretty nifty idea. Keep your eye out for them on your way home.

Material Mary said...

We are going to have to rely on telepathic vibrations or something like that. Yes, I am going to water aerobics. I have been a very good girl. Lisa gave me her yummy roll recipe. Life is good. Miss you.